AU Minoso was founded by two aspiring entrepreneurs. Both partners believe in the importance of spreading more love and positivity into the world. AU Minoso is a direct representation of the founders Kida (Brooklyn, NY) and Ru (Bronx, NY). Being from our circumstances we figured it was necessary to put something out there that would positivity impact our people. 

   We are not just a brand, It’s a lifestyle. AU represents GOLD on the periodic table. Our brand strives to promote the beauty in unapologetically being you. When you think of gold what comes to mind? Valuable, Rare, and Rich? Yes! But when we think of Gold, we also think of the beauty of being BLACK. The beautiful glow & Melanin that comes with it as well. AU Minoso’s mission is to use our products as a way to reassure everyone that black is beautiful & will always be, despite what anyone says. 

   From our Trendy/ Fashionable clothes to our luxurious accessories we want everyone to feel like GOLD when wearing our products, rich, rare, valuable & beautiful/ Handsome! Be Bold, Be YOU- with AU Minoso.